Reflections From The Front Line

By: Morgan Johnson 

On May 24 we hosted The Front Line at Ponce City Market, a panel discussion that was open to
the public. At this ͞fireside chat͟ event we had a very interesting and insightful time where we had an opportunity to discuss some real issues of media in our society. For both topics we discussed that evening, each of the eight panelists had many unique and valuable points.  

The first topic on the table was the popular discussion of fake news vs. real news. The panelists that spoke about this with us were Yalanda Lattimore, Melissa Carter, Nicole Smith and Jovita Moore. Considering their different media backgrounds, a passionate discussion arose regarding their views on the definition of fake news, as well as their perceptions on where the responsibility lies. As far as the definition of fake news is concerned, the general consensus  seems to be that fake news typically comes with an agenda from the source putting it out.  

Different opinions started to become apparent when we tried to figure out the source of the
fake news issue. One half of the argument seemed to believe that deciphering real news was the responsibility of the audience, while the other half believed it was the job of the media to do their research before putting out media. 

Overall, I learned that it is important to be thoughtful in the media outlets we choose and be patient and trusting, instead of skeptical and  not willing to wait for accurate and thorough information.  

The second conversation revolved around social media for social good. Our four panelists, Karin
Lopez, Jen Cox, Lynn Medcalf, and Pamela Booker all use their social media platforms to make the world a better place. They offered very useful advice on how we can do the same. There I learned the importance of starting at home with something you believe in and then sharing it with the rest of the world. It is important that in the age of social media, that we use our  accounts to further society like the women we heard speak. 

The Front Line

Every Realtor Should Be Using Live Video

There are several industries that perform well on live video, but one that we see that is truly missing the opportunity are realtors that are scared to hit the start broadcast button. Realtors have an opportunity to use free apps like Periscope and Facebook Live to show properties to people that may not even be in the market to buy, but fall in love with what they are showing via the live stream.

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Here are 4 quick uses of live video for those in the real estate industry:

  1. Home Tour – People love looking at the inside of homes even if they are not shopping for a home. On a broadcast that allows you to have a global reach, your buyer can now be anywhere in the world.
  2. Provide a Neighborhood Tour – One of the deciding factors for a home buyer is what does the area around the home look like. They want to get a sense if the area is kid friendly, pet friendly, or even just safe for them to take an evening walk. This is something that can easily be shown.
  3. Conducting Client Interviews– It’s always great to share the comments of your happy customers. These testimonials go along way because it is not just you bragging about your good work. It is now someone else giving you an endorsement.
  4. Discuss Trends in the Market – Sitting with other experts in the industry and chatting about what is trending showcases you as an expert. It also allows you to collaborate with another strong realtor. Building these relationships can prove to be very beneficial and it shows that you are staying up-to-date with your area of expertise.

If you are a realtor in the Alpharetta, Georgia area, we have the perfect training for you! Come learn how to be a social media rock star on July 25th. We will show you how to strategically leverage Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, and Pintrest to grow your pool of leads. And, as a free gift we will perform a complimentary social media audit on your current use of social media. There are only 10 slots available. Sign up today! Click here to go to our sign up page!

UPDATE: Next workshop is on Aug 22nd.  There are 2 time slots available. See you there!

The High Museum of Atlanta Presents The Rise of Sneaker Culture

The High Museum Of Art Atlanta has a very creatively displayed 155 sneakers that have origins dating back to the mid-nineteenth century. This exhibition is a ‘Sneakerheads’ heaven. The shoes are displayed with descriptions and years of the time that they were created.

What is most interesting to do while at the exhibit is to watch someone reflect back on a pair of shoes they see that they may own, what they were wearing with the shoes, and even such memories as how they used a toothbrush to keep the shoes clean.

Sneakers have been a part of the hip hop culture for quite sometime. Many feel that when they select a sneaker to wear, they are making a statement as they round out their outfit with a nice pair of “Kicks.” RUN DMC made a statement that led to one of the first marketing collaboration with their 1986 hit My Adidas. 

This basically boils down to a very successful influencer marketing strategy that still works today. Here is how to story goes of how the partnership came to be:

Setting the scene – Adidas was not a very popular brand among kids in the early ’80s. At the time,  Fila and Reebok were bigger. But, this song made it the apparel of choice. RUN DMC had the good fortune of being managed by Russell Simmons and in early 1987 when this song became a crowd favorite, he arranged for executives from Adidas to attend a show. Before performing this song, DMC (Darryl McDaniels) asked the crowd to “show us your Adidas,” and about 3,000 audience members lifted their sneakers for display. Extremely impressed, the Adidas executives signed a $1.6 million deal with Run-D.M.C. and created their own line of laceless footwear.

To this day, RUN DMC still makes money off of this deal. And, they have opened the door for so many that have come behind them.

Michael Jordan’s story is also an interesting one when it came to the elevation of the Air Jordan and the relationship with Nike that almost did not happen. This Bleacher Report video shows that Jordan’s mom had to make him go speak with Phil Knight and the team at Nike in Oregan. Remember, in 1984 Nike was basically a start up, entrepreneurial company. What ultimately sold Jordan on the idea to go with Nike was their ability to creatively think outside of the box in how they would portray the brand.

Marquis Henderson enjoying the exhibit

This exhibition originated at the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada. You can see from their site and the images below that they have a passion for all types of shoes.

The High Museum is of coarse more then any one installation. From the art lab for kids to the interactive installations on the Carroll Slater Sifly Piazza, this is an excellent destination for families, couples on date, or simply someone who wants to take it in on their own.

Sage having fun in the Art Lab

The Business Take-A-Ways:

  1. Find brands that you can parter with in an arrangement that is mutually beneficial.
  2. Track your data. Brands want to see the numbers behind any influencer strategy that they may consider. Remember, it’s more important to garner engagement as opposed to numbers that you can not move to action.
  3. Like Jordan, don’t be afraid to push the limits of creativity to stand out from the crowd.
  4. Find ways to blend your story in to the narrative of culture. This technique will make your product or service part of the conversation for a lifetime.
  5. It’s ok to go with the underdog when trying to partner with a brand. You never know where that journey may take you.

The Rise of Sneaker Culture is on view through August 14th.

Learn Community Building from Anita Wing Lee on March 29th

Community Building with Anita BLOGThe app Periscope has introduced the world to many AWESOME people and allowed them to share their gifts with humanity. Anita Wing Lee is one of those individuals that is using platforms such as Periscope to bring stories to the world that may not have gotten told in their purest form. Following her path as a light worker, she has managed to build a pretty amazing community.

Anita will be in Atlanta for one day to share her tips on what it takes to build a community that will support your initiatives. On March 29th, those of us in and around Atlanta will have the opportunity to learn from someone who has really accomplished what so many large brands struggle with currently.

You will learn:

  • Community Building
  • Storytelling
  • Tips to using visual cues
  • The beauty of delegating work to community members
  • And, so much more!

Note: This event is a fundraiser with all proceeds going to help Anita’s efforts in the refugee crisis. In an effort to keep the majority of her doantions going directly in to the camps, guest will have to purchase their own lunch. Valet parking is validated with the purchase of your lunch.

Entrepreneurs Think Tank Launches on Periscope

Entrepreneurs Think Tank BannerPeriscope has presented many benefits to those that take advantage of the power of live streaming. From humanitarian work to increasing profits, we now have the ability to take our efforts globally. Recently, the team at Selsi Enterprises was discussing how great it would be to bring entrepreneurs together on a regular basis to talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of entrepreneurship.

We presented the idea to Parachute TV on Periscope and a few months later, we got the green light to bring the show to life.  Our first show went great and the numbers were great for our first time on their channel. We had a quiet audience in the background, but hope to bring our audiences in to the discussion. The mission of the show is for entrepreneurs to help other entrepreneurs reach their full potential.

We did a lot to prepare for the show from checking the lighting to prepping the guest. We also did a little prepromotion for the show. Prepromotion is one of this most important task to do when launching an effort like this one.  Your followers may not realize what you have planned and may miss being there for the live broadcast.

I am not going to spoil the content that you are going to see in the video, but feel free to comment about additional information that you would have asked our guest. These seasoned entrepreneurs are open to sharing all that they have learned along the way.


Thank you to our friends at Sis and Moon’s for letting us come in to their space.  Follow Sis an Moon’s on all social media platforms from their website

Scope Day Atlanta is coming – Jan 23

Scope Day Atlanta Jan 23, 2016

You may have heard that Selsi Enterprises is putting together an event titled Scope Day Atlanta. This event will be the first of its kind for any city to participate in around the world.  This is an event that will take place on Periscope and will highlight all of the great elements of the city of Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Scope Day was founded by a gentleman in Taiwan named Mike Lin. In a matter of 30 days, he pulled off a Scope Day that allowed people to travel around the world via their mobile devices on the app Periscope.

Here are some details about what took place on the original Scope Day:

  • Take a look at that scopes that were captured using the hashtag #ScopeDay via our partner Katch.
  • Here is a look at the press release that went out for Scope Day.
  • Recent press coverage – Australia and Adweek

The potential for Atlanta to be on a world stage with this effort is huge! This event will garner the attention of people globally and introduce them to a piece of Atlanta that they may not have seen.  From athletes to authors, the broadcasters in this event will be amazing.

If you are live streaming and you live in Atlanta, be sure to join our Facebook group titled Atlanta Live Streamers.

Stay tuned for additional details on Scope Day Atlanta.


Are you Live Streaming in Atlanta?

Live streaming platforms are all the rage at the moment. In Atlanta, we know that there are a lot of you that are live steaming some great content. It is our hope that we can pull our live streaming community together. By coming together, we can help each other grow in our streaming capabilities and support each others streams. You never know, you may find someone that may make a great business partner on an upcoming project.

If you are streaming in Atlanta, be sure to sign up for our eNewsletter, PR World. Also, jump over to Facebook and join our group titled Atlanta Live Streamers. Here, you will be able to keep up with the latest information on upcoming meetups and live streaming news.

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5 Mompreneur Tips as You Prepare for School to Start Back

Mother With Baby Working In Office At Home

Mompreneur taking care of business and baby!

It’s that time of year for many of us in the US. The time of year to get the kiddos prepare for back to school. As Mompreneurs, it changes our routine completely. We are going from the lazy days of summer to the hustle and bustle of after school activities, making lunches, and last minute projects.

Here are a few tips to get ahead of the curve:

1. Load your calendar now – Many schools have already sent out their calendar for the year that includes days off, holidays, and other special days to remember.  If you have kids at multiple schools like I do, this task may take a little while.  But trust me, you will be glad that you took the time now as oppose to waiting until later on when school starts.

2. Load your contacts now – If you have contacts related to your kids school(s), load them in to your contact list now. From the main school number to the nurse line, it will be helpful to have all of this up-to-date in your address book. Also, I like to keep the email addresses of the principals and counselors in my address book too.

3. Stock up on school supplies now –  This time of year is the cheapest that school supplies will be. Stock up and figure out a way to keep them organized. Target has a really cool plastic shelving system that I am thinking about getting this year. I hate buying the supplies and not being able to find them in a few months.

4. Include your kids in your business if you can – This is not always easy to do (depending on the age of your kids), but they will love it.  My kids enjoy video editing and social media. These are areas that I can teach them how to help out. This is also a way that they can earn a little extra money.

5. PrePlan your meals – Get in the habit of planning your meals ahead of time. This is something that I do not do yet, but I plan on doing it. I find that I spend a lot of extra time thinking about new meals that I can prepare that are healthy and that I have all of the ingredients for in my pantry. So, if I plan well on Sunday, it is something that I will not have to worry about the rest of the week.

I am sure that there are several more tips that can be added to this list. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Business of Being ‘On The Run’

For those that are Beyonce and JayZ fans, the ‘On the Run’ tour has been epic. The marketing, the build up, and the actual show could not have been planned any better.

Let’s start with the trailer that introduced the concert.

Originally, this was never intended to be turned in to a real movie. But, it was done so well that fans have actually ‘demanded’ that the duo create a full movie out of the idea that was created in the trailer. Don’t you wish your random ideas would turn into something profitable where you never intended to earn a profit. Currently, this video has received almost 8.9 million views on YouTube.

Next, the apparel….

Photo Credit CNN  The ski mask worn in the trailer are now carried out as a theme throughout the show. As a marketer, the consistency of the look that they have developed throughout the entire show is the key to branding.  People have a tendency to want to veer from the brand look and feel, but when you stick to that which you have created the results can be epic.

The dollars and cents…

Mr. & Mrs. Carter have not only generated a lot of money for themselves, but they have also created a lot of cash flow for the cities that they have paid a visit too. In Atlanta, there were 50K+ people in attendance.  That means many of the people went out to dinner, purchased new outfits, and bought other items that they may not have normally purchased if a concert of this size was not coming to town.  Also, because the concert was not going to all major cities, you had a lot of people in hotels.  There was money spent by concert goers inside and outside of the city limits.

The rumors….

Many say that the Cater’s marriage is one the rocks.  Who knows if this is true or not, but it sales a lot of magazines and causes people to tune in to news segments that theymay not normally tune in to.  I have to admit that I am guilty of paying attention to what is being said about the Carter’s. All in all, they had some flirty moments during the concert and I am hoping that it means that none of the rumors are true.  But, Beyonce did have a lot of passion when she was singing the song below.

The marketing nuggets…

There are always some take a ways that you can apply to business.  From this, I would suggest the following:

1. Market your own way – The trailer to the concert was such a huge hit that it is now set to become a movie.  How cool is that!?!?

2. Consistency in your brand – From beginning to end, you know when you are seeing something from the OTR tour.  Mimic that approach in your own business.

3. Strive for reaching new levels – It was decided early on (against the suggestions of many naysayers) that this tour would be a stadium tour only.  They stepped their game up from arenas and moved in to stadiums.  Take your business to stadium status this year! Don’t waist anymore time being mediocre.