Malaysia, the World’s Unluckiest Airline, Will Now Struggle to Survive

Nicole I. Henderson, MBA:

What would you do as the PR manager for the Malaysian airline?

Originally posted on TIME:

Only four months after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished somewhere in the Indian Ocean with 239 passengers on board, Flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine, causing the loss of another 298 souls — an unprecedented blow to a major international airline. Even a robust operator would have trouble overcoming twin disasters like that. But the fact is that Malaysia’s flag carrier is in no financial shape to absorb these catastrophes. In fact, analysts wonder if it will ever be able to recover.

“The outlook is very dire,” says Mohshin Aziz, an aviation analyst at Kuala Lumpur–based Maybank. The airline, he fears, “won’t be able to survive beyond the year in its current form.”

The next months could prove humbling for an airline that had grand ambitions. The Malaysian government had high hopes that its national carrier would compete with the region’s best, and invested much money and emotion into…

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The Business of Being ‘On The Run’

For those that are Beyonce and JayZ fans, the ‘On the Run’ tour has been epic. The marketing, the build up, and the actual show could not have been planned any better.

Let’s start with the trailer that introduced the concert.

Originally, this was never intended to be turned in to a real movie. But, it was done so well that fans have actually ‘demanded’ that the duo create a full movie out of the idea that was created in the trailer. Don’t you wish your random ideas would turn into something profitable where you never intended to earn a profit. Currently, this video has received almost 8.9 million views on YouTube.

Next, the apparel….

Photo Credit CNN  The ski mask worn in the trailer are now carried out as a theme throughout the show. As a marketer, the consistency of the look that they have developed throughout the entire show is the key to branding.  People have a tendency to want to veer from the brand look and feel, but when you stick to that which you have created the results can be epic.

The dollars and cents…

Mr. & Mrs. Carter have not only generated a lot of money for themselves, but they have also created a lot of cash flow for the cities that they have paid a visit too. In Atlanta, there were 50K+ people in attendance.  That means many of the people went out to dinner, purchased new outfits, and bought other items that they may not have normally purchased if a concert of this size was not coming to town.  Also, because the concert was not going to all major cities, you had a lot of people in hotels.  There was money spent by concert goers inside and outside of the city limits.

The rumors….

Many say that the Cater’s marriage is one the rocks.  Who knows if this is true or not, but it sales a lot of magazines and causes people to tune in to news segments that theymay not normally tune in to.  I have to admit that I am guilty of paying attention to what is being said about the Carter’s. All in all, they had some flirty moments during the concert and I am hoping that it means that none of the rumors are true.  But, Beyonce did have a lot of passion when she was singing the song below.

The marketing nuggets…

There are always some take a ways that you can apply to business.  From this, I would suggest the following:

1. Market your own way – The trailer to the concert was such a huge hit that it is now set to become a movie.  How cool is that!?!?

2. Consistency in your brand – From beginning to end, you know when you are seeing something from the OTR tour.  Mimic that approach in your own business.

3. Strive for reaching new levels – It was decided early on (against the suggestions of many naysayers) that this tour would be a stadium tour only.  They stepped their game up from arenas and moved in to stadiums.  Take your business to stadium status this year! Don’t waist anymore time being mediocre.

Yelp Liberates Its API To Box Out Foursquare And Google

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Yelp wants as many in-roads and reminders for its service as possible, so today it upped limit on its API for pulling nearby places, rating, and photos from 100 calls a day to 25,000 without the need for pre-approval. By freeing up usage of its API, Yelp becomes more appealing to developers looking to help people discover local businesses, and could persuade them to use its database instead of Foursquare or Google Places which were much more openly available until now.

Yelp’s VP of Business Development, Mike Ghaffary tells me “Historically, Yelp has been pretty closely guarded as a data set.” But now he says Yelp is opening up more and more because “we want to get the most useful local information to as many users as possible.”

Yelp’s data already powers apps for Apple, Yahoo BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Pebble, and thousands of startups. With the higher 25,000 call…

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Video Content Network BuzzMyVideos Launches To Attract International Creators

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

BuzzMyVideos is a new a content network which specialises in international online video content promotion allowing video makers to grow and monetize their video content via a multi-channel network and creators program. It’s now launched out of Beta. The startup has so far attracted over 5,000 video makers (who pay for the tools their offer), in part because its founders Paola Marinone and Bengu Atamer are both ex-YouTube leaders, so they know their stuff.

Operating largely in six key verticals; beauty, entertainment, food, music, technology and games, BuzzMyVideos claims it has had over 2.3 billion views and 13.5 million subscribers on its network.

The London-based company is setting aiming at the international video creation community because over 80% of views on YouTube come from outside the US and 70% of the predicted $163 Billion digital ad spend in 2016 is also set to come from outside the US. Thus, it…

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Facebook Becomes A Local Party Discovery Tool With “Events For You” Redesign

Nicole I. Henderson, MBA:

This could be good for those of us that host events. #eventplanning #promoting #socialmedia

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Just because you weren’t invited, doesn’t mean Facebook can’t help you crash the party. Facebook Events on the web got a slick visual overhaul today that includes a new “Events For You” tab that recommends gatherings it thinks you’ll enjoy, even if no one invited you, friends aren’t going, and you’ve never been to the venue. Rather than just being a calendar of your invites and a few suggestions based on what friends are doing, Facebook is now applying everything it knows about you to get you out of the house and somewhere fun…where you can take photos and post them to Facebook.

After we spotted the unannounced redesign today, Facebook confirmed to me it’s testing it with some users globally before a mid-paced rollout to everyone in the coming weeks. A similar design for Events will be coming to Android and iOS later this year too. You can see how…

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Investors bet big on GoPro, driving its shares up more than 30%

Nicole I. Henderson, MBA:

These camera’s are extremely popular with several of my clients.

Originally posted on Fortune:

GoPro has charmed investors. Shares of the camera maker, whose devices enable extreme-sports lovers to catch the best waves and sweetest jumps, climbed more than 30% in their first day trading Thursday after its initial public offering.

GoPro had priced its IPO at $24 a share, which valued the company at almost $3 billion. They ended up at $31.34 at the close. That places GoPro’s market capitalization at almost $4 billion. The company trades under the ticker “GPRO.”

The lightweight mountable cameras retail from $200 to $400 and have attracted a wide following over the 10 years since CEO Nicholas Woodman founded the company. GoPro sold 3.8 million cameras last year at a 37% profit margin and recorded four straight years of profits.

But, the camera seller doesn’t expect to remain tied only to its device-making heritage. GoPro pitched itself as a media company during its IPO tour, and its valuation at three times 2013 sales is…

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Google Starts Granting ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Requests In Europe

Nicole I. Henderson, MBA:

This is setting an important precedent.

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Google is now complying in full with a European Court Of Justice ruling last month which requires it to remove specific personal information from search results when an individual has made a request for the removal of “outdated” or “irrelevant” information about them.

A search for a person’s name on a European Google website now includes the following disclaimer flagging up the fact that some information may have been removed — and including a link to a Google FAQ explaining why:

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 12.40.46 PM

The same search on does not bring up the disclaimer as the ECJ ruling only requires Google remove information from European search results.

Celebrity names appear not to trigger the disclaimer — which suggests Google may be refusing requests from high profile individuals on the grounds of a public interest ‘right to know’.

Speaking to the FT newspaper about its right to be forgotten assessment process, Google said: “This is a new process for us. Each request has to be…

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